Air Plants

How to look after air plants

Sunlight: indirect sunlight

Every couple of days – lightly spray some water

  • Type of water:
    • Rain water is the best.
    • Tap water is fine but let the tap water stands for a couple of hours so the chlorine can dissipate. Alternatively boiling the tap water can also remove the chlorine, but you need to make sure the water temperature is cooled down before watering the plants.
    • Bottled water and spring water are fine too.

Every couple of weeks – soak in water for 15 minutes

  1. Soak the air plants in a bowl of water (use the same type of water as the weekly watering) and make sure the water covers the whole air plants.
  2. Take the air plants out of water after 15 minutes (after one hour if it looks dehydrated and up to two hours if it does not look very healthy).
  3. Hold the base of the air plant and shake off all the excessive water.
  4. Place the air plant downwards for an hour to make sure no excessive water is sitting inside the air plant.

***Best place to keep air plant: airy environment and stable temperature throughout the day with a bit of sunlight, like how succulents would prefer. Glass container is perfect for holding air plants (of course terrariums/glass containers from Green Craft Studios are the best!)

***Place to avoid: I personally would not recommend anyone to keep air plants in the greenhouse or conservatory as the temperature in these rooms normally varies so much throughout the day. Stable temperature is good for the air plants. Please avoid keeping them by the radiators as you might shorten their life or even kill them!

Good luck with your air plants!