My name is Sharron Churchill and I construct practical stained glass products right here in South East London; ranging from planters, containers, terrariums, seasonal ornaments for events such as Christmas, Valentines and Mothers Day etc through to bespoke commissioned designs.

So to give you some background on how Green Craft Studio’s came to be and how my style of glass craft evolved, I always found a certain colourful glimmer to stained glass – from intricate and elaborate church windows controlling the light forming vibrant and dark stories, through to the delicate constructions of Tiffany styled lamps. The way the light shines through can vividly bring out the emotion of a piece. However, as wonderful as all of these works of art are, I would never be able to find a suitable place for them in my own home…

Not too long ago, I became subtly aware that my husband was secretly plotting to get me a greenhouse. As excited as I was, I discreetly began visiting a couple of garden centres in my local area and began gathering some ideas of what to grow. While there, a particular glass terrarium caught my eye, and even though I really liked the shape, the mechanical look and colour of the frame just didn’t quite hit the spot. So, while staring at it, I thought to myself, “I could make this”. Considering also a few years back I had attended a course on how to use stained glass – where I had successfully created a rather elegant glass lampshade, this was going to be a pretty achievable task, and perhaps while at it also have a little fun in the process. It also reminded me how much I love crafting with glass.

As time progressed, my greenhouse evolved from just a place for growing plants and became more of an extended and repurposed environment for relaxing, sitting (and drinking!), and as me and my husband fought for house space to accommodate our hobbies, I quickly realised I had my own dominant cave. This was a perfect space to use as my own workshop for designing and creating something beautiful…especially to make my greenhouse and plants look even more amazing!

For my first project (unsurprisingly being a terrarium), I found it was a bit challenging. Finding the right materials and tools needed refining. This was, in itself a mammoth task, and took me the longest of time to streamline…

Now my hobby is starting to bloom, and as time passes, I am spending more and more of my efforts to make glass craft in my beautiful greenhouse.

So here it is… something I love and passionately enjoy has now evolved into – Green Craft Studios!